Bruce Lee And The Importance Of Mediation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years but recent trends have shown that it has become popular among a lot of people. It is a powerful tool important in a crazy world with constant distractions and demands. Meditation is typically defined as the practice of sitting alone at a still position, with your legs crossed. The person meditating stays there for an extended period of time to give the mind peace. As a mental exercise, it involves a lot of dedication, focus, and relaxation of the mind. Some people would describe meditation as a practice, very important to the mind just as physical exercise is to achieve body fitness. Psychologists describe meditation as a set of training practices for the mind, which are specifically designed to familiarize the individual meditating with certain types of mental functions.

Benefits Of Meditation

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Stress reduction is one of the common reasons for people taking up meditation. Stress on your physical and mental state will cause your body to produce high levels of cortisol, the strength hormone. Cortisol is responsible for producing harmful stress-related effects such as depression, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Scientific research in over a thousand adults indicated that meditation can decrease both stress and stress-related conditions such as anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder as well as irritable bowel syndrome.


Certain techniques of meditation can also enhance one’s self-perception, giving them a more positive outlook on life. By developing a better comprehension of yourself, you can grow your character more and improve how you relate to other people around you. You will find yourself becoming more aware of everything that is around you. Your ability to concentrate on a particular task will also get better. A lot of people use meditation as a means of fighting addiction. The mental discipline that people develop as a result of constant meditation helps them break certain dependencies because they are able to have better control over the triggers of addictive tendencies. 


Meditation is also capable of improving how your heart functions. As you become older, high blood pressure will make your heart work harder so as to pump blood. An overworked heart can result in heart-related ailments and poor heart function. Through meditation, anyone can control their blood pressure. This is possible as the nerve signals that regulate how the heart functions are more relaxed and alert in stressful scenarios.  

Bruce Lee And Meditation

Bruce Lee, one of the most popular figures in martial arts, staunchly supported meditation. Meditation is extremely critical for people who practice martial arts. It can prove the difference for people looking to acquire the best skills in martial arts like Bruce Lee. It also helps improve a person’s peace and self-discipline through strong concentration and listening to their inner self while at the same time, being conscious of everything that surrounds them.

Bruce Lee practiced meditation through practicing body movement, running, cycling, punching training, or simply enjoying a walk in his backyard as he contemplated thoughtfully and quietly. The words he used to describe his meditation philosophy were: ‘Empty your mind… become shapeless like water. Put water inside a cup and it becomes the cup. Put water inside a bottle, it becomes the bottle… water can either flow or crash. Be like water…’. Bruce Lee used natural movement as a means of meditating and connecting with himself.

Bruce Lee’s Techniques: Qigong and Chi Kung vs Vinyasa and Hatha

The aforementioned quote by Bruce Lee serves as a beacon of inspiration to a lot of people, especially those who are only starting out with their meditation practicing. It shows that people need to adapt to any situation, at any given time. It is possible to achieve such a feat through simple meditation techniques. Bruce Lee’s meditation style is known as the Qigong or Chi Kung. The Yoga style he practiced was Vinyasa and Hatha. The Chi Kung is based on the concept of universal energy, referred to as the chi. Bruce Lee refers to ‘chi’ as the force of life. While practicing Qigong, you need to clear your mind and remove any thoughts just to focus on the chi. Chi spreads across every part of the body through breathing exercises and slow graceful motions across the whole body. This grants the individual high mental concentration as well as strong inner strength.

You Can Meditate Anywhere!

Meditation or Yoga training is something that each person can do to better their mental and emotional state of health. You don’t need any memberships or special tools to meditate, but when it comes to yoga we want to recommend you the best yoga teacher training India has to offer. People use tactics such as special breathing, instructed meditations, and reciting mantras. Nowadays, people even use mobile applications to practice their meditation. Feel free to style different types of meditation to find the technique suited to your objectives, even if it is only for a few minutes in a day. It will greatly improve you, your character, and your overall quality and perception of life.